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Life on the road is both a career and a lifestyle.

From mountains to oceans to the store down the street, CRST Dedicated drivers can see it all.

Our Behind The Wheel blog brings you information about topics affecting dedicated drivers as well as the trucking industry as a whole.

When someone is searching for a new company to work at, and they see high turnover rates, they often consider it a red flag. But with the job market being what it is right now, is that still the case? Trucking job openings are at an all-time-high thanks to increasing demand over the last few […]

April 20, 2022

Trucking with a Dog: Things You Should Know Before Taking Fido on the Road We all know now how common it is for truckers to experience feelings of loneliness on the road. Being away from loved ones for days, or even weeks, at a time can take a toll on mental health. It’s tough for […]

Human trafficking is one of the unfortunate realities that truck drivers may encounter at some point in their career. There are roughly 24 million victims worldwide, and with human trafficking being reported in all 50 states, it’s clear that this is an ongoing issue, and we need to play our part. So, how can truckers, […]

Truck driving is a high-demand job and the open road can get lonely, because of this, along with a few other factors, truckers are more prone to experience depression. Mental health, including depression, can be a tough subject to talk about and seek help for. However, it’s incredibly important to recognize the symptoms of depression […]

We’re all familiar with the ongoing driver shortage crisis that has plagued the trucking industry over the past few years; something that has since gotten worse since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic began. Is the solution teen truckers? Trade groups like the American Trucking Association have expressed their concern about the declining driver work […]

It’s no secret that the rising demand for trucking has shot through the roof over the last year and a half. With COVID lockdowns and online shopping at everyone’s fingertips the need for transportation of goods to and from facilities all across the nation is urgent. Last summer, when the economy made an upturn following […]

Trucking careers aren’t you’re average nine to five. Sometimes there are days or even weeks spent on the road. This can sometimes lead to less home time. At CRST Dedicated our truckers matter to us, that’s why we’ve provided this list of helpful tips for truckers on navigating the balance between trucking and family. Stay […]

Sometimes navigating the different types of trucking licenses, and the different requirements needed in order to get them, can be confusing. And knowing which license you need and how to get it can make the process even more puzzling. That’s why we’re providing a quick trucking license guide to help you make sense of all […]

Pursuing a career in trucking is a big decision. Is truck driving the right job for you? There are tons of trucking jobs available for aspiring drivers right now – but trucking isn’t a career for everyone. Truck driving is more than a career, in some respects, it’s a lifestyle. Consider what a day in […]

Automated truck driving in the trucking industry has been a hot topic over the last few years. Some say the technology will help truckers do their jobs in a safer, more efficient manner. Others worry it will rule out truck drivers entirely, making their jobs obsolete. So, here’s some helpful insight we gathered about automation […]