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Life on the road is both a career and a lifestyle.

From mountains to oceans to the store down the street, CRST Dedicated drivers can see it all.

Our Behind The Wheel blog brings you information about topics affecting dedicated drivers as well as the trucking industry as a whole.

It’s hard to go online today without finding a slew of company reviews. And that’s definitely true for the trucking reviews. Let’s face it. Truckers talk, no doubt. Given the high turnover in the industry, there will always be plenty of disgruntled workers talking trash. So, how do you know if a trucking company is […]

Lots of trucking companies will claim to have the best salaries, best benefits and even the best equipment. But let’s face it. Connecting with the right job in the right company is a two way street. It has to be a good fit for both of us. We have to be the right company with […]

Truckers know the good and the bad of over-the-road (OTR) trucking. The freedom of being out on your own, seeing the country. But with that type of driving come days, weeks and even longer away from home. Where you’re a 20-year-old and just starting out, there’s nothing cooler than OTR trucking. But as you mature, […]

Some of the most successful companies in the United States have employee referral programs. In fact, some companies boast that up to 50% of their new workers come from referrals made by current employees. There are many advantages to referrals. New members of the fleet come in knowing at least one other person. And knowing […]

Open Road Needs Drivers Trucking is the lifeblood of American industry, and yet there is a driver shortage across the county. It’s estimated nearly 10-billion tons of freight are hauled across U.S. highways each year. So, it’s not surprising that ongoing trucker shortages are a concern. In fact, the American Trucking Association predicts the industry […]