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Life on the road is both a career and a lifestyle.

From mountains to oceans to the store down the street, CRST Dedicated drivers can see it all.

Our Behind The Wheel blog brings you information about topics affecting dedicated drivers as well as the trucking industry as a whole.

If you’re new to truck driving, there’s a lot of things you may not know to do to help keep you safe and comfortable while you’re on the open road. Read these tips and tricks to help prepare you for your new career.

Like it or not, millennials have officially infiltrated the workforce. Despite this, the trucking industry hasn’t begun to reap the benefits from all these new, young workers. Traveling the country, flexibility in hours and great pay. There are tons of benefits that come with trucking.

After working with the same company for a few years, you can start to feel restless; you might feel like changing up your routine or trying something new. In fact, according to a recent article from Transport Topics, driver turnover has been projected to hit the highest annual rate in over 5 years. Not only […]

In the trucking industry, communication between truck drivers and driver-managers is crucial to a company’s success. Unfortunately, in some cases, it can be a difficult task. When things don’t go as expected, some drivers think driver-managers don’t care about their personal lives or their paychecks. On the other hand, some driver-managers think drivers don’t take […]

Every business and industry has its own terminology. The trucking industry is no different. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of jargon in truck driving that can be confusing to the newcomer. Even worse, sometimes the exact same term can have different meanings depending on the company you are working with. One area that we get a […]

Trucking is the heart of the U.S. industry — just like the heart is a vital organ to the human body, trucking is a vital component of the U.S. economy. Don’t believe it? Read on to see how much trucking affects your daily life, whether you’re a part of the industry or not.

When you start with a new trucking company, figuring out exactly what to expect from day to day may take a little while. Some things may never actually be “set in stone.” For instance, the term dedicated means different things in the trucking industry, depending on the situation. At CRST we are, first and foremost, […]

August 17, 2017

Great Pay, Home Time, & Advancement Opportunities    So, you ask, why drive for CRST Dedicated Services?  Whether you’re new to the industry, getting back into, a seasoned or semi-seasoned driver and, “this ain’t your first rodeo” –  you’ve got some general idea of the differences in carriers and the pros and cons to what […]

It’s hard to go online today without finding a slew of company reviews. And that’s definitely true for the trucking reviews. Let’s face it. Truckers talk, no doubt. Given the high turnover in the industry, there will always be plenty of disgruntled workers talking trash. So, how do you know if a trucking company is […]

Lots of trucking companies will claim to have the best salaries, best benefits and even the best equipment. But let’s face it. Connecting with the right job in the right company is a two way street. It has to be a good fit for both of us. We have to be the right company with […]