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Road 2 Riches Referral Program

We are growing our fleet of  professional drivers, and who better to ask than our great team members? Professional drivers are the number one source for finding and hiring new drivers in our business and we need your help filling our truck driving jobs.

CRST Dedicated Services, Inc. is pleased to announce our Road 2 Riches Referral program for 2016. You will be eligible for a generous monetary bonus on every qualified driver you refer to us that is hired by CRST Dedicated Services, Inc.

2016 Road 2 Riches Referral Program Details

Our 2016 Road 2 Riches referral program runs from Feb. 1 to Nov. 30. We’ll make your Road 2 Riches easier than ever.  Just a few simple steps to remember.

  1. Provide names and contact information by completing the form on this page.
  2. Enter your name and Driver ID number.
  3. So you can get credit, remind the person you’re referring to CRST Dedicated to put your name on their application.

That’s It! 
You can follow up with our recruiting department to see when your referral has been hired and then we can set up your payment.

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Road 2 Riches Referral Program Requirements

  • Payments are paid in lump sum 30 days after the start date of the referred driver.
  • Both the employee and the referral driver must be employed for at least 30 days and be active to receive payment.
  • For you to get credit for the referral, CRST Dedicated Services, Inc. must have been notified by email or your name must be on the application of the referred driver.

Three Types of Drivers Will Be Considered Referred Drivers

  1. Experienced Drivers with 3-months or more of recent experience and not requiring a lead driver for training.
  2. Drivers with limited OTR experience or recent driving school graduates that will require some level of training with a lead driver.
  3. Students that will be trained at a CRST sponsored facility in order to obtain their Class A CDL.

Road 2 Riches Referral Program Payments

  • For experienced driver referrals, we’ll pay $500.
  • For referrals of recent graduates or drivers with limited experience, we’ll pay $250.
  • For referrals of students, we’ll pay $100.


CRST Dedicated Services reserves the right to amend, extend or suspend this program at anytime without notice.
All referred applicants must have submitted an application or completed the referral form on this page before end of program to be eligible to receive payouts of referral bonus.